When you’re seeking to develop your services it’s not always easy to know where to focus your efforts. There will always be employees who are not pleased with the provided support services. But this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t listen to them.

Continuous Employee Experience measurement makes it possible to identify and prioritise your development efforts on your IT services. Using the experience data and comparing it to global Happiness Score™ you can have huge business impact, and you as a service owner can show the value of Service Management and Service Desk.

In this recording, we will cover:

  • Why you need to make employee satisfaction a key metric for measuring the success of your internal services, instead of SLA
  • Creating an employee-driven way of working – where to start?
  • Customer case: How HappySignals has been an important tool for the work Equinor has done to improve their user experience

Get an edge in your mission to deliver great IT services by watching the recording: 

How to unlock productivity through employee experience_



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